I am gathering names and contact info for Football Alumni. If you or somebody you know is an alum, please email me at [email protected] . It is my goal to build a strong alumni connection and organize some events along the way to bring us all together, so please spread the word. If you have any suggestions for Alumni events please feel free to email me those as well. I look forward to building a proud Football Alumni Organization! 

Alumni Events & Opportunities
25th Anniversary of 1988 State Champions - 2013
50th Anniversary of Football - 2014
25th Aniversary of 1990 State Champions - Sept. 5, 2015
Alumni Night - Sept 5th vs. Liberty
The 25 Club - Football Support Club

Former or Current NFL Players

John Spagnola - Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles & Seattle Seahawks
Mike Guman - Los Angeles Rams
Mike Molinaro - Dallas Cowboys & Washington Redskins
“It was an honor to spend some time with memebers of the 1988 State Championship team. We embrace the tradition of our past and are blessed to have their support.”
Coach Henrich